Festival Information

Queer Kampala International Film Festival is the first ever and only LGBTQI themed film festival to open up in Uganda.

QKIFF is open to everyone. As such, we want to encourage a large-scale exchange of ideas and transfer of information on themes such as LGBTQ rights and gender equality as well as other subjects from within the human rights sphere.

For security purposes we are not revealing the venues. We will have special passes for anyone who wants to attend our film screenings, parties, Workshops and discussions. All our events are free of charge.

To be part of this important event, like our Facebook event page, Call: +4591439745 or request to join our event Whatsapp group, To be added Send a Whatsapp text- “HULLO QUEER KIFF 2017” to : +4591439745.

Please note: if you come for Queerkiff ,respect your neighbor. Our number one priority is maintaining a safe, secure, and friendly environment. Treat others, as you would like to be treated yourself.