Day Three (10/12/17)

17 (2017)


4 minutes 10 seconds | Music Video | United States

A queer themed music video about a broken love story

Directed by Tyler Ham Pong

Difficult Love (2010)


48 Minutes | LGBT,Documentary

A highly personal take on the challenges facing Black lesbians in South Africa today emerges through the life, work, friends and associates of 'visual activist' and internationally celebrated photographer, Zanele Muholi (who also presents).

Directed by Zanele Muholi & Peter Goldsmid



19 minutes 6 seconds | Drama, LGBT, Experimental | Brazil

People said he was too radical. Too exaggerated. That he wasn't open to talking and discussion. What people didn't know is that he was hungry to live. He only had this one life and he had the right to be happy. Unfortunately, the hatred he hated so much won. Now, after the death of her best friend, a victim of homophobia, a young girl tries to understand what happened. What could she have done? One thought won't leave her: It could be me; it could be you.

Directed by Felipe Cabral

Coming Out to Grandma (2017)


8 minutes 13 seconds | Drama, Short, Student

Charlie has an awkward time trying to come out to his FOX-news watching, Ellen-hating grandma, who has dementia.

Directed by Jason Zuidema

Like Father (2017)


12 minutes 34 seconds | Short | United States

The film “Like Father” revolves around a Jewish New Yorker, who is a bedridden patriarch dying of lung cancer (Lenny). His gay African American son (Jake) wants him to admit he was a bad father. Instead, Lenny confesses (for the very first time to another human being), that despite his long-lasting marriage and faithfulness to Jake’s mother (Also African American wife, Olivia), he’s always been attracted to men but never acted on it.

Directed by Jason Stuart

Bride of Frankie


18 minutes 48 seconds | LGBTQ, Comedy | United States

In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor's lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.

Directed by Devi Snively

Mama is Home (2015)


11 minutes and 5 Seconds | Hong Kong

Having just being released from prison, Geena returns to her son's home only to find out that he's gay and married. Her son Matthew wants to give her a chance however his husband Julian, fears what Geena might be capable of.

Director Name by Nikhail Asnani

Locked In (2017)

3:08 pm

52 minutes | South Africa, LGBTQ, Religion, Documentary

The film explores the struggles of transgender Muslims in a South African Context.

Directed by Allan McDonald


4:00pm -4:30pm ( Discussion about Sexuality and Religion)

Venue 1(Evening) @ 7:00pm – 09:45pm

Tell Me Why You Obsess Me (2016)


3 minutes 28 seconds | Queer Music Video| France

Man, woman; black, white; straight, gay... We are all the sames constantly fighting between our dark side and the light in us

Directed by Naima Chebahi

Resist (2017)

5 minutes 39 seconds | Documentary | USA

“Resist” follows Sol Martinez Guevara on their understanding of the term “Queer.” Through their exploration of identity, they apply their involvements, the events occurring on their campus and their real-life experiences to answer what this term ultimately means to them.

Directed by Leury Holguin

The Fruit of Our Womb (2017)


29 minutes 7 seconds | Comedy, LGBT, Drama, Religion | France

Andrea is lesbian and never had sex with a man. One day, she gets pregnant. What if it's a miracle ? The Fruit of Our Womb is a FEEL-GOOD film that follows the funny story of this adorable lesbian couple as the impossible becomes very likely.

Directed by Laurie Mannessier

The Commitment (2012)


19 minutes 59 seconds | Drama, LGBT, Asian | Canada

Robert and Ethan are an interracial gay couple fulfilling their dream of adopting a newborn baby. After they meet the expectant Asian birthmother, however, they receive a surprise that threatens their own relationship.

Directed by Albert M. Chan

The Sausage (2015)


9 minutes | USA

Based on a Swedish folk tale, The Sausage tells the humorous story of two sisters, three wishes, and a calamitous obsession with a sausage. The Sausage is the first completed episode of Fairy Fantastic! a fairy and folk tale series presenting gender fluid adaptations of classic tales.

Directed by Hilary Harp & Suzie Silver

Naughty Amelia Jane (2017)


11 min | English | India

In this satire on social convention, we meet two women from very different backgrounds—one is from a powerful political clan, the other from a small, conservative family. Both are subject to notions of ‘appropriate behaviour’. As we delve back in the time, it transpires that the women may have once been romantically involved.

Directed by Risheeta Agrawal

One Night Only (2017)



On their first night in Sydney, Tyler and Erica find that not all queer people are just like them.

Directed by Sam Langshaw

Impunity (2017)


25 minutes and 33 seconds | Documentary | Uganda

After the international condemnation of the notorious anti-gay bill, commonly known as the "Kill the Gay bill", by a court ruling a sense of relief was given to the LGBTI community and its advocates. Unfortunately it also ignited the wrath of the public.
IMPUNITY depicts the government's endeavours to disenfranchise the LGBTI community while the masses take the law into their own hands. Thus leaving the LGBTI community out-of-pocket in terms of food, housing and healthcare. Vulnerable and often losing their lives at the hands of the angry mob.

Directed by Smile Matovu 


09:00pm- 09: 45PM (Closing Ceremony)